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Last Updated: August 29, 2023

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Courtney Bassett owner Hart Soul Thirroul
Courtney Bassett owner Hart & Soul

“I recently met with Courtney Bassett, owner of “Hart & Soul” a gifting store in Thirroul & asked her some questions….”

1. Your business name, “Hart & Soul”, inspired it?

Best describes our love and passion for what we create.

2. How long has your business been established in Thirroul?

The business started in November 2019, opening this store in Thirroul on 29th July 2022.

3. What attracted you to set up your business in Thirroul?

I’ve always loved Thirroul; it was just finding the right location to set up our second store. The community is so beautiful, it’s such a lovely coastal town, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

4. What is your background?

My background field is hair and beauty. Knowing there was a gap in the market, I wanted to produce a brand that would create mindfulness and positivity to your lifestyle in a healthy way.

5. What do you enjoy the most about owning a small business?

I’m a creator; every little part of owning this business brings so much enjoyment to myself and the staff.

6. Do you have any other interests?

I enjoy a coastal walk, ocean swims, yoga and meditation.

7. Best describe your business. What do you sell?

We are a gifting store that has something for everyone: Candles, Hair, Body and indulgent self-care products. We also offer gift wrapping on all purchases.

8. Tell me more about your products.

Our products are formulated in-store or locally.

Our vision is to ensure our products connect the mind, body and soul. To deliver the utmost quality in its vegan and eco-friendly production line. I’ve collaborated with industry-recognised naturopaths and holistic specialists to empower this vision, so I’m confident in what you’re taking home or gifting to your loved ones. With a range of hand-selected products, you will enjoy the love and nourishment each item embodies. Our unique range connects the mind, giving you that much-needed head space. As well as indulgent beauty treats and body cleansing items will encourage self-care and nurturing of the body inside and out.

9. Do you employ staff? 

I currently have five casual staff member that works between both stores.

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First Published 27th April 2023

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