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Don Gray Thirroul Railway Station
Don Gray OAM – Thirroul Railway Station

In 2013, I was fortunate to know and take this beautiful photo of Don Gray OAM at Thirroul Railway Station for the (Photographic Portrait Prize – Wollongong Art Gallery). He was a long-time active resident of Thirroul; he contributed tremendously to the Thirroul community and instigated Thirroul Seaside & Arts Festival, which continues to celebrate talented local people in our society today. He also was one of the founding members of the Thirroul Village Committee and an AIF War Veteran.

“He inspired me through his passion for the community service and is dearly missed.”

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you purchase his book “My Thirroul” by Don Gray OAM & Lenore Gray, a remarkable insight into history of Thirroul wonderful stories & beautifully sketched drawings by Christine Hill, a local Thirroul resident artist.

The book is available at Thirroul Railway Stationers Newsgency or via order at Collins Booksellers Thirroul.

"My Thirroul" by Don & Lenore Gray
“My Thirroul” by Don Gray OAM & Lenore Gray

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  1. Peter Morton Avatar
    Peter Morton

    I have had a copy of this book for several years, having purchased it when staying with relatives in Thirroul. It makes an interesting read with some great photographs and illustrations of days gone by. The section on the history of Thirroul I found to be really informative and interesting.

    I always consider Thirroul as one of my favourite places on this planet and try to visit at least once a year given that I am domiciled in the UK. The people of Thirroul are of such a helpful friendly nature which seems to be the way in the Illawarra region.

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First published 2nd April 2023

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