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Last Updated: September 8, 2023

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Norby Hewitt owner Bread Espresso Thirroul

I met recently with Norby and Sandy Hewitt owners of Bread, Espresso & and asked them both some questions about their Cafe in Thirroul established 4 glorious years in July.

Business name & how did it come about? We started with ‘Bread, Espresso’ & kept wondering what to put after the ‘&’ sign…. then we decided not to put anything after it so that it leaves us open to lots of options as we grow. It turns out that there is a cafe with this name in Japan, & it’s kinda cool!

Norby’s background? I worked in the wine industry for various companies. My days were filled with visiting cafes and restaurants in Sydney to discuss wine lists. I really enjoyed this job – swanning about and chatting to people about food and wine. Everyone who knows me knows I enjoy dealing with people, and love wine!

Sandy’s background? I worked in restaurants in the early 90s such as ‘The Wharf Restaurant’ at The Sydney Theatre Company & ‘Baraza’ in East Sydney, and as a nurse in hospitals, within the community and in day surgeries. I studied Chinese medicine at UTS in Sydney and have been working from home as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner for the past 10 years. I also run the admin side of the cafe.

What inspired you to start this Business? We were travelling to Sydney for work, and we needed a lifestyle change. We enjoyed sitting in cafes together on our days off, and Sandy had been ruminating about the mentality of waiting for those 2 days off each week to enjoy what we do, so she said: “why don’t we create that lifestyle every day for ourselves?” So we did. And for the first 2 years, we really enjoyed being at that cafe together, until Sandy needed to move back to her first love & focus on her busy clinic more. Norby still loves it every single day. People always suggest that we open a second “Bread Espresso &” and we considered it, but we know that it would lose something with Norby gone.

Best describe your Business; A hole in the wall cafe with Allpress Organic Coffee, fresh sourdough bread delivered daily, pastries, pies, gelato, for breakfast and lunch. Great music too!
Summary of products sold;  Reusable cups, coffee beans and ground coffee, drinking choc, locally produced jam, chocolates, biscuits & fresh bread.

More information: Bread, Espresso &

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