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Green Ho Lam Linh owner of "Bee Vintage Thirroul."

“I recently met with Green Ho Lam Linh, co-owner of “Bee Vintage” a vintage fashion shop in Thirroul and asked her some questions…”

  1. Are you the sole business owner, or is it a partnership?

I started working in Martin Place Cafe four years ago, where my clothes shop is now. The cafe space has plenty of room, a perfect opportunity to create a beautiful fashion shop in the heart of Thirroul’s shopping village. Bee Vintage was established nearly three years in July; the business is a partnership between me & Martin.

  1. Your business name, “Bee Vintage”, what inspired it?

In my free time, I love painting, and I paint bees in the corner of all my paintings as a signature. So we decided to name it “Bee Vintage.”

  1. What is your background? Tell me more about yourself.

My family are in the fashion industry in Vietnam for a long time. I always went to my mother’s shop when I was a kid. Her business taught me much about fabric, materials, sizes, hand stitches and selling skills.
I love fashion; it’s essential to me and especially for women. Fashion makes everyone look and feel better. People can tell who you are through what you wear without speaking a word. Fashion makes everyone individually and personally different. A good outfit always makes us feel better to start a day, more confident & happier. Sometimes a colourful outfit can brighten up your day. Fashion is such a big world full of colours, designs and emotions.

  1. What do you love about the fashion industry?

I started our vintage clothes shop because sometimes, I look around at people and question why they are not wearing a beautiful dress, instead of black, why are they wearing just a t-shirt or active wear all day when there are millions of colours and designs out there to choose from.
I love vintage fashion because it is unique. Vintage clothes from the 30s to 70s, as long as they last are beautiful. Wearing vintage can clearly show someone’s personality and character through their outfits. Vintage second-hand clothes are good for the environment as well. Sometimes an old piece of yours is a new piece for somebody else—such a nice thing to give clothes another life.

  1. What attracted you to selling vintage fashion / 2nd hand clothing?

I’ve collected the stocks for a long time everywhere I go. We have a studio at home to get all the stock ready. We wash, iron, and tag them before we bring them to the shop. I go to Asia sometimes to collect some cool Asian vintage as well. I love to re-design some items like adding on vintage buttons, changing the shape and adding embroidery details to make them look unique and rare. All my re-designed items, you’ll never find these second pieces anywhere else.
My shop style is pretty fairy & feminine. We love the 70s to 90s style, y2k street style, and lace slip dress collection—all kinds of women’s clothes that easily suits everybody.

  1. Do you sell your clothing elsewhere?

Besides selling in the store, I sell online as well through Instagram. I made a few hundred sales on Instagram & more than 400 sales on Depop already.
I love doing the market because it’s such a great chance to meet people, all the vintage lovers who can’t come to my shop. Sometimes I go to weekend markets like Coledale, Glebe and Surryhills.

  1. Do you have any other interests or hobbies?

I have lots of hobbies. I do paintings, hand-crafts, arrange wildflowers and make dried flower bouquets. I also spent lots of time being a model for my shop, catching the lovely sunlight; I do a photo shoot of my clothes every day. Putting them on is easier for people can see the shape, design and colours of clothes better. I love to mix & match them together to create a cool street-style outfit. And that’s the reason why I sell well online.

  1. Best describe your business.

“Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak “. Clothes and art belong together.

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5 (1)

  1. Lennox Avatar

    This shop is so colourful and beautiful clothes
    The decoration and art around make it such an unique place!!!

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First published: 23rd March 2023

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