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About Thirroul New South Wales

Thirroul is a fantastic place to live; I love living here. It’s where the escarpment meets the sea. This little seaside town has evolved over the years, becoming the gateway suburb to the north of Wollongong.

This little town is divided in two due to the train line running through. The north side is quite large, with many convenience shops, whereas the south side is smaller, with more of a village-type atmosphere.

During the day, Thirroul is a hive of activity, the main shopping village for all the other northern coastal suburbs. It has over 100+ businesses, from retail shops, cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, clubs, hotels & businesses that offer a business service.

The nightlife, especially at weekends and in the summer, is fantastic. There are various restaurants, from casual to alfresco and fine dining, plus great takeaway options. With multiple bars, hotels & event venues across both sides of town, plenty of live music options are available.

Thirroul is known for its beautiful beach, park areas, children’s playground and enclosed seawater Olympic Pool. If you go to the beach, there is plenty to do, from swimming, surfing or relaxing on a beach walk to enjoying the view. Thirroul Beach has a lovely seaside cafe/bar called the Thirroul Beach Pavilion, a perfect place to catch up with friends or enjoy a satisfying meal.

Thirroul is rich in history and formally named Robbinsville but was changed to Thirroul in 1892. The early days consisted of farming, cedar logging, whaling and fruit growing to eventually mining. Throughout the years, many famous people & events have captivated this town.

  • In 1898 the Brig Amy was shipwrecked on the rocks at the southern end of Thirroul beach with all of its crew lost/died.
  •  In 1922 the famous English author D H Lawrence lived here and wrote the novel “Kangaroo” there’s a reserve/park named in his honour.
  •  In 1992 the famous artist Brett Whiteley died from a drug overdose at the Thirroul Beach Motel.
  •  Former Iron Men Champions Darren & Dean Mercer brothers grew up here.
  •  Famous Australian artist Frank Nowlan also resides here.
  •  Butchers Football Club has been established for over 104 years.

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